a team with one goal – serve our clients

Working with Koch Comm means you have a team of experts on your side. We’ve honed our abilities to maximize our clients’ impact through digital marketing, PR and design. We’re ready to put our expertise to work for your organization.

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  • Kym Koch Thompson OKC Principal Koch Comm

    Kym Koch-Thompson


    Kym is our fearless leader and the founder of Koch Comm. Serving our clients is what drives her, but her passion is in public relations, more specifically crisis planning and management.

    Meet Kym
  • Destiny Darby Koch Comm OKC

    Jenny Herzberger

    Exec. VP

    Jenny focuses on the day-to-day operations of the company while working closely with Kym on the strategic vision for the products and services Koch Comm offers.

    Meet Jenny
  • Alan Herzberger OKC

    Alan Herzberger

    Exec. VP

    Alan focuses on driving Koch Comm forward through efficiencies and new industry developments.

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  • Jared Miller OKC Vice President Koch Comm Oros

    Jared Miller

    VP, Interactive Media

    Jared oversees Interactive Media which consists of our content marketing, creative and analytics teams.

    Meet Jared
  • Shaundra North Vice President of Client Service Koch Comm OKC

    Shaundra North

    VP, Client Service

    Shaundra oversees client service teams to ensure we protect our clients' reputations through a variety of different PR and digital media strategies.

    Meet Shaundra
  • Jessica Anderson OKC Account Director Koch Comm

    Jessica Anderson

    Account Director

    Meet Jessica
  • Doug Doe Account Director Koch Comm OKC

    Doug Doe

    Account Director

    Doug works with clients ranging from casinos to religious institutions to deliver effective digital media engagement and PR strategies.

    Meet Doug
  • Ashley Howard Business Development Director Koch Comm OKC

    Ashley Howard

    Director of Strategy and Development

    Ashley seeks to create connections that lead to client relationships. She specializes in facilitating consultative sessions that help clients build marketing strategies that align with their business goals.

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  • Sade Taylor OKC

    Sade Taylor

    Human Resources Director

    Sade oversees our human resources department. She works closely with our executive team to ensure our company processes are well-oiled and our employees are happy campers.

    Meet Sade
  • Abbey Byers OKC Account Manager Koch Comm

    Abbey Byers

    Content Marketing Manager

    Abbey works with clients in the retail, consulting and entertainment industries, and she provides sharp strategy and leadership for her accounts.

    Meet Abbey
  • Destiny Darby, Content Marketing, Koch Comm OKC

    Destiny Darby

    Content Marketing Specialist

    Meet Destiny Darby, content marketing specialist at Koch Comm, a full-service digital, PR and creative agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    Meet Destiny
  • Austin Chappell Koch Comm OKC Media Specialist

    Austin Chappell

    Paid Search Strategist

    Austin is responsible for developing, executing and optimizing paid search efforts for our clientele.

    Meet Austin
  • Maddie Dwyer OKC

    Maddie Dwyer

    Project Manager

    Maddie engages with client audiences, crafts content for our clients and provides support for her team.

    Meet Maddie
  • Addie Plank Account Executive Public Relations Koch Comm OKC OKC

    Addie Chappell

    Account Executive, PR

    Addie works with issue advocacy, retail and casino clients to create and execute comprehensive PR and media relations strategies.

    Meet Addie
  • Scott Scrivner OKC

    Scott Scrivner

    Senior Art Director

    Scott serves a large selection of clients through thoughtful and strategic branding and design.

    Meet Scott
  • Haley Bentley Art Director Koch Comm OKC

    Hayley Bentley

    Art Director

    Hayley serves a large selection of clients through thoughtful and strategic branding and design.

    Meet Hayley