Working with Koch Communications means you have a team of experts on your side. With decades of combined experience in public relations, crisis management, digital marketing, social media management and more, we have honed our abilities to maximize our clients’ impact. Our employees are creative and passionate in their fields. We embrace innovation and constantly analyze the landscape for new opportunities for our clients.

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  • Kym Koch, Principal and founder

    Kym Koch-Thompson


    Kym is our fearless leader and the founder of Koch Communications. Serving our clients is what drives her, but her passion is in public relations, more specifically crisis planning and management.

    Meet Kym
  • Jenny Herzberger, Executive Vice President

    Jenny Herzberger

    Exec. Vice President

    Jenny focuses on the day-to-day operations of the company while working closely with Kym on the strategic vision for the products and services Koch Comm offers.

    Meet Jenny
  • Alan Herzberger

    Alan Herzberger

    Vice President, Research and Development

    Alan focuses on driving Koch Comm forward through efficiencies and new industry developments.

    Meet Alan
  • Brooke Greene, VP, Client Services

    Brooke Green

    Vice President, Client Services

    Brooke oversees client service teams to ensure they remain on target and provide effective and innovative strategy for our clients.

    Meet Brooke
  • Shaundra North, VP Client Services

    Shaundra North

    Vice President, Client Services

    Shaundra oversees client service teams to ensure we protect our clients' reputations through a variety of different PR and digital media strategies.

    Meet Shaundra
  • Joni Stewart

    Joni Stewart

    Vice President

    Joni oversees our accounting and financial development. She ensures Koch Comm's budget is efficient and on track.

    Meet Joni
  • Gina Campbell, Business Development and Traffic Manager

    Gina Campbell

    Operations Director

    Gina oversees operational activities such as financial performance, quality improvement and process efficiencies. She keeps our team consistently on time and on budget.

    Meet Gina
  • Lesley Clark - Koch Communications

    Lesley Clark

    Account Director

    Lesley works with clients in the gaming and retail industries to deliver effective digital media engagement and PR strategies.

    Meet Lesley
  • Doug Doe

    Doug Doe

    Account Director

    Doug works with clients ranging from casinos to religious institutions to deliver effective digital media engagement and PR strategies.

    Meet Doug
  • Claire Douthitt - Koch Comm OKC

    Claire Douthitt

    Account Director

    Claire oversees a team working with various clients in the retail, casino and entertainment industries to develop integrated digital and PR strategies.

    Meet Claire
  • Ashley Howard - Koch Comm OKC

    Ashley Howard

    Business Development Director

    Ashley seeks to create connections that lead to client relationships. She specializes in facilitating consultative sessions that help clients build marketing strategies that align with their business goals.

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  • Jared Miller, Director of Interactive Media

    Jared Miller

    Interactive Media Director

    Jared oversees Interactive Media which consists of our content marketing, creative and analytics teams.

    Meet Jared
  • Erica Rockenstein

    Account Director

    Erica's clients range from casino to retail, and everything in-between. She leads accounts to engage our clients’ audiences through PR and effective digital media strategy.

    Meet Erica
  • Sade Taylor

    Sade Taylor

    Human Resources Director

    Sade oversees our human resources department. She works closely with our executive team to ensure our company processes are well-oiled and our employees are happy campers.

    Meet Sade
  • Amber Theinert, Account Director

    Amber Theinert

    Account Director

    Amber manages relationships with clients ranging from issue advocacy to hospitality, developing and executing strategic and integrated public relations and digital media initiatives for her clients.

    Meet Amber
  • Cara Gray_Koch Comm

    Cara Gray

    Marketing Intelligence Manager

    In her role, Cara ensures that all of our clients' strategies and efforts produce results that fulfill our clients' goals.

    Meet Cara
  • Dusky Hamm, Creative Manager

    Dusky Hamm

    Creative Manager

    Dusky manages our creative department and ensures that we visually communicate our clients' brands in the most stunning and effective way possible.

    Meet Dusky
  • Tod Bryant

    Tod Bryant

    Account Executive, PR

    Tod works with gaming and service industry clients to execute comprehensive public relations strategies and facilitate media relations.

    Meet Tod
  • Abbey Byers

    Account Manager

    Abbey works with clients in the retail, consulting and entertainment industries, and she provides sharp strategy and leadership for her accounts.

    Meet Abbey
  • Austin Chappell

    Austin Chappell

    Paid Search Strategist

    Austin is responsible for developing, executing and optimizing paid search efforts for our clientele.

    Meet Austin
  • Jen Davidson

    Graphic Designer

    Jen serves a large selection of clients through thoughtful and strategic branding and design.

    Meet Jen
  • Delaney Deck, Content Marketing Specialist

    Delaney Deck

    Content Marketing Manager

    Delaney leads our Content Marketing team and works with our client service teams to enhance content marketing initiatives.

    Meet Delaney
  • Kealey Dorian

    Kealey Dorian

    Account Executive, PR

    Kealey executes public relations strategies and builds media relations for clients including a high-end chocolate retailer and a luxury hotel.

    Meet Kealey
  • Maddie Dwyer

    Maddie Dwyer

    Account Coordinator

    Maddie engages with client audiences, crafts content for our clients and provides support for her team.

    Meet Maddie
  • Kaci Eckel, Marketing Analyst

    Kaci Eckel

    Data Engineering Manager

    Kaci digs deep into marketing analytics to build the pipelines to use data to tell our clients' stories and direct future success.

    Meet Kaci
  • Stephanie Espolt - Koch Comm

    Stephanie Espolt

    Account Executive, Digital

    Stephanie manages digital media projects, assists in strategy development and crafts captivating content for our clients’ brands.

    Meet Stephanie
  • Gage Evans

    Gage Evans

    Content Marketing Coordinator

    Gage coordinates content marketing efforts and works with our client service teams to provide creative content across multiple channels.

    Meet Gage
  • Caleb Everett

    Caleb Everett

    Video Production Specialist

    Caleb is our resident video superstar. He develops high-quality video content for Koch Comm and our clients.

    Meet Caleb
  • Gizelle Failla

    Gizelle Failla

    Executive Assistant

    Office maven, Gizelle, ensures all of Koch Communications runs as smoothly as possible by providing administrative coordination and support.

    Meet Gizelle
  • Jared Gallagher

    Content Writing Specialist

    Jared produces engaging content for clients. He also travels far and wide in Oklahoma detailing his experiences for a tourism client.

    Meet Jared
  • Michelle Poland Gray headshot

    Michelle Gray

    Account Executive, Digital

    Michelle creates engaging digital media content and manages projects from concept to completion. Her clients include casino and retail businesses.

    Meet Michelle
  • Kelsey Gulick

    Project Manager

    Kelsey ensures agency-wide efficiency and oversees project planning, estimating, accountability and management for clients across all client service teams.

    Meet Kelsey
  • Cassidy Jackson Koch Comm OKC

    Cassidy Jackson

    Content Marketing Specialist

    Cassidy works with our client service teams to create strategic content marketing efforts through email, web and other mediums.

    Meet Cassidy
  • Tracie Lowmiller

    Account Manager

    Tracie works with hotel, issue advocacy and casino clients to create and execute comprehensive PR and digital strategies.

    Meet Tracie
  • Rebekka Lucas, Executive Assistant

    Rebekka Lucas

    Operations Analyst

    Rebekka keeps us moving in the right direction. From reporting and benchmarks to budgets and operations, she brings efficiency and order to the office which keeps everything moving smoothly.

    Meet Rebekka
  • Addie Plank

    Addie Plank

    Account Executive, PR

    Addie works with issue advocacy, retail and casino clients to create and execute comprehensive PR and media relations strategies.

    Meet Addie
  • Nathan Rogers OKC

    Nathan Rogers

    Account Executive, Digital

    Nathan manages projects and creates effective and engaging digital media content for clients in the hospitality and tourism industries.

    Meet Nathan
  • Scott Scrivner

    Scott Scrivner

    Graphic Designer

    Scott serves a large selection of clients through thoughtful and strategic branding and design.

    Meet Scott
  • Koch Comm_Ryan Tomlinson

    Ryan Tomlinson

    Account Executive, Digital

    Through strategic planning and collaboration, Ryan manages and grows client audiences on digital media channels to serve the needs of retail and foodservice clients.

    Meet Ryan
  • Sharon Voss

    HR Generalist

    From staffing to training to benefits, Sharon is an HR mastermind who ensures our teams keep growing and thriving.

    Meet Sharon
  • Maddie Pinion

    Maddie Pinion

    Account Assistant

    Maddie monitors clients' digital media channels in the evenings and on weekends and provides support for client event coverage.

    Meet Maddie
  • Lauren Berlingeri Koch Comm

    Lauren Berlingeri

    Account Assistant

    Lauren monitors clients' digital media channels in the evenings and on weekends and provides support for client event coverage.

    Meet Lauren