We Love You, OKC

Koch Communications is proud to call Oklahoma City home and grow alongside this powerful community. There’s always something happening and being located in Bricktown gives us the perfect opportunity to be more involved in our city.

The development and progress OKC has made over recent years is unique. Kym (Principal), Nick (Account Director) and Gina (Operations Director) all agree OKC’s sustained growth is something to be proud of.

“I am a true believer in the power of urban renewal projects to reenergize a city. So, I am happy our company plays a small part in the renewal by making Midtown, and now Bricktown, our home.” ­–­ Kym

“One of my favorite things about OKC is the development of all the districts – with all the new restaurants, bars and breweries coming in it is very exciting. I also like the fact that you can live just outside the city and be in a quiet, kind-of-rural place, but then still be so close to a lot of city amenities.” – Nick

“Koch Comm and Oklahoma City both do community well. The leadership of the city, business owners and citizens genuinely want to make OKC better and have fun together. I’m glad Koch Comm calls OKC home because the culture of the company fits perfectly with the culture of the city. We love trying new restaurants, putting our minds to the test at local trivia events and taking #HashOut directly into the city. All in all, we love supporting OKC and doing community together. We’re glad our executive team understands our desire to support our city and to have a little fun while doing it. Get out there and embrace our city!” ­– Gina

Another thriving aspect of Oklahoma City is the art scene. The leaders and talent within Oklahoma City’s arts community, is something Ryan (Account Executive, Digital) and Megan (Account Executive, Digital) both value and enjoy.

“The growing arts scene in OKC is a huge draw for me. With organizations such as deadCenter, Lyric Theatre, MOA and Arts Council Oklahoma City, there’s something for everyone as well as many ways to get involved. I appreciate everyone’s dedication to community involvement in the arts and improving the city as a whole.” – Ryan

“One thing I love about OKC is the public’s dedication to the arts in general, and public art specifically. From the Festival of the Arts to the rotating murals at the plaza, to Deep Deuce Sessions, it seems there is always access to the arts, and oftentimes at no cost. As so much of what we do as marketers relies on fresh and creative perspectives, it’s awesome to know that just by taking a walk around the block of our office at lunch, I can come back to my desk feeling inspired.” – Megan

April is arguably the best month to explore and visit Oklahoma City. From the Festival of the Arts to the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, there are an abundance of opportunities to find something new to love about OKC. With warm weather approaching, take time to get out and enjoy our city, and while you’re out, you might even see a few of us brainstorming at the Myriad Gardens!