Grab a Brush for Your Next Picture-Perfect News Release

You know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”? That’s true for more than just photographers and sappy Hallmark movies. In the world of public relations, visuals are just as important as a well-crafted news release.

Why so important? We’re glad you asked. Aside from giving the human eye something to look at, quality visuals can bring your words to life and put context to what you’re saying. And we know most people, particularly the media, respond more actively to a visual representation of something than just a text release (see our #KCFocus blog for more). Visuals can help the release connect to media consumers, who are proven to be visually-minded.

A lot of people equate public relations to be “story-telling”, which it is in the simplest sense, but that isn’t really encompassing. Think of it this way, if we’re putting together a book (i.e. telling your business’ story), we also need an illustrator, an editor, a publisher, etc. In PR, the goal should be to cohesively combine all of that to make one awesome book of which any author would be proud. Relevant visuals reinforce our message as they help the consumer form an emotion. Whether that emotion is excitement, empathy, sadness or otherwise, that emotional connection strengthens retention of the message.

We recently utilized this companionship of visuals and public relations when we assisted COOP Ale Works with the announcement of their new redevelopment project of the 23rd Street Armory. The original news release was incredibly informative but filled with industry verbiage as well as technical and architectural specifications that might lose a reader. With the addition of architectural renderings showcasing what the project will ultimately look like, the release and supplemental visuals quickly caught the attention of the media and the public and enabled them to connect with the release’s industry copy.

Visuals showcase a piece of the puzzle the human mind might not be able to place and help tell your story. Without quality visuals, the public may struggle to understand what your event might look like, where it’s at or what you’re even talking about. Our best advice? Next time you’re pushing a message to the public, pair your spectacular vernacular with a pretty picture and watch the world respond.