Facebook is Changing the Game… Again

Organic reach was already dead, and it’s about to be even deader.

In the past, any engagement on a Facebook Page’s post (clicking a link, scrolling through a photo album, liking the post) helped boost traction for the post. The more people engaged with it on any level, the more Facebook saw the affinity for the post and began showing it to more fans. But now? Facebook announced it’s placing a very high concentration on the quality of the engagements: shares and more discussion in the comments will be what bumps up a post into more people’s timelines. Here are a few things we’re working through for our clients to ensure this sweeping change doesn’t hit so hard.


That’s right. Groups. Something that was the backbone of Facebook back in 2005. With the addition of linking groups to pages and Facebook’s push for a group-only platform, these brand-centric communities have been encouraged for a while now. With the newsfeed changes, this is one way for a brand to engage and stay relevant. But, what if a Facebook group isn’t for you?


Ah, the ultimate ploy for Facebook to increase its revenues. We’ve talked about the importance and capabilities of Facebook advertising before, again and again. It’s always been a part of our strategies for increasing the reach of our clients’ messaging. Now, more than ever, we’ll need to be more strategic in how and what we advertise as we imagine the Facebook advertising bidding process is about to see an influx of brands clamoring for your eyes.


It’s always been of utmost importance for us to generate content that is “all killer, no filler.” Posting multiple times a day on Facebook, especially within the past two years after other newsfeed changes, has never been our strategy of choice. With this announcement, it will be even more paramount for us to focus on the quality of our content rather than the quantity. Don’t worry, we welcome the challenge.

While it feels like Facebook is constantly changing the game on how we do business (and they are), the ultimate result is a strategy shift that focuses on the important pieces of what we do: engaging the right people in the right ways.