Koch Comm OKC managing your message in crisis

Managing Your Message in the Midst of a Crisis

Review your tactics and plan for the future.

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Social Influencers and PR

Come One, Come All – Inviting Social Influencers Into the PR Ring

Influencer marketing is still on the rise and it’s changing how we approach PR.

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Using Facebook Audience Insights Blog

Are You There, Audience? It’s Me, Facebook.

Identifying your true target audience involves finesse, but it can be done.

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Marketers need this soft skill... empathy.

Peel Back the Layers With This Soft Skill

The deeper the level of empathy a marketer has for the audience, the more successful the message will be. Always.

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Koch Comm Blog Image Vintage Collate with Woman Bowling- Ad Frequency

With Facebook Ad Frequency, It’s Important to Strike a Balance

More isn’t always better. Find a happy place with your Facebook advertising through measurement efficiencies.

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