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Google is introducing the next generation of Analytics: GA4

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If you use Google Universal Analytics, then you need to convert to GA4.
On July 1, Google will no longer support Universal Analytics, so get a jumpstart on your conversion today with Koch Comm’s expert conversion services.

Start converting now to begin collecting your website data in GA4!

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  • the updates

    Setting up your GA4 conversion effectively and understanding the updates are vital to continue successfully tracking the right metrics for your business.

    What updates should you be prepared for?

    • New interface
    • More flexible and granular reporting
    • Some metrics will be new, and some will be calculated differently
    • New “reports” tool required to view data (no access to raw data)
    • Better control of the measurement parameters
    • As of December 31, all prior data collected in UA will no longer be available unless it’s downloaded and saved or backed up through OROS Analytics.

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  • our ga4

    In partnership with our sister company, OROS Analytics, Koch Comm is offering a variety of GA4 conversion options to help your company seamlessly migrate your data collection.

  • Tier 1: Basic Account Setup

    • Full account setup.
    • Pixels added to website to track metrics.


    Is this tier right for me?

    While Google’s conversion service will setup your GA4 account, our service will also connect your website to the GA4 account. Tier 1 is right for you if you only want to see Google’s default metrics from your website and do not need to customize or choose the metrics you receive.

  • Tier 2: Goal Conversion

    • Tier 1 services, plus:
    • Conversion of your existing goals and events from Universal Analytics.


    Is this tier right for me?

    Tier 2 is right for you if you want to go beyond default metrics, and you have defined the data you want to receive, such as contact forms, pdf downloads or video views from visitors to your website. Goals will be set up differently in GA4. This Tier will ensure that your goals are seamlessly transferred.

  • Tier 3: Measurement Strategy

    • Tier 2 services, plus:
    • Creation of a comprehensive measurement strategy to align marketing metrics with business goals.
    • Deeper dive into data measurement and data-driven decisions.
    • Learn how each marketing tactic contributes to your goals.
    • Optimize your marketing spend.


    Is this tier right for me?

    If you want to take your business to the next level with data-driven insights informing your business goals, then Tier 3 is right for you. We will help you determine the metrics you should track to see which marketing tactics are contributing most to your business goals, and we’ll set them up in GA4 for you.

  • Ongoing Data Storage

    • Database setup.
    • Download of prior UA data.
    • Conversion of the data into a database for historical comparison and growth tracking.
    • Available until you end your subscription.


    Ongoing data storage is right for me if:

    If you have historical data from UA and want to do true year-over-year comparisons with your new GA4 data, then our ongoing data storage service is for you.

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