Shangri-La HubSpot Implementation

Shangri-La is a world-class resort nestled up against Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees in Monkey Island, Oklahoma. The property boasts 119 rooms and suites, 9,000 square feet of elegant event space, a lake-front view, indoor and outdoor resort pools, three championship golf courses, an on-site marina and numerous fine and casual dining options.


Koch Comm was tasked with identifying a comprehensive solution for managing marketing efforts and training the Shangri-La team on how to implement that solution effectively.

The guest experience at Shangri-La is delivered through several business units including the resort itself and other onsite experiences such as the spa, dining, retail, marina, golf, catering and events. Some guests have golf memberships or marina memberships, sometimes both. Others are members of larger groups attending special events and some are just local families enjoying a day at the lake.

All of these business units co-exist in a single hotel management software called ResortSuite, but the resort was looking to implement a marketing-based tool that could integrate with ResortSuite and offer them better opportunities to properly segment their audiences and provide messaging that aligned with individual guests’ tastes and experiences. Shangri-La would need to implement a new Customer Relationship Management tool or CRM.

This CRM needed to:

  1. Support their sales representatives across all business units;
  2. Offer a customizable service model for supporting guest requests;
  3. Provide a means for tracking guest experiences while also being intuitive enough to support their marketing needs in terms of content development, audience segmentation and workflow management;
  4. And most importantly, communicate with their existing system, ResortSuite.


As a certified HubSpot partner, Koch Comm’s extensive knowledge of the tool led to the recommendation of using HubSpot’s Growth Suite Platform, which included access to the Sales Hub, Marketing Hub and Service Hub. The Growth Suite Platform met all of the business requirements needed for the CRM.

To determine how best to apply the tool across the entire business, Koch Comm worked with Shangri-La’s team to identify key stakeholders, held discovery meetings and picked three “Hub Champions” that could commit to learning the tool and acting as resident experts for their hub.

To gather more insight into how the tool should function, Koch Comm held two sessions with Shangri-La to understand how they used ResortSuite operationally and how they engaged and used various data points within the system. From there, Koch Comm produced a list of custom properties (pieces of information tied to each guest) to be built in HubSpot.  Once all properties had been built, Koch Comm generated a variety of business rules that could be incorporated into the list generation process within HubSpot.

When evaluating how best to integrate existing data and capture future data, Koch Comm worked with marketing analytics partner, OROS Analytics, to identify data points, create custom properties for each contact and build an API that could easily transfer the data from ResortSuite to HubSpot. This custom API sends existing data from ResortSuite to the custom properties created in HubSpot, automatically building active lists for each business unit.

Koch Comm also developed comprehensive trainings for each of the three hubs to show Shangri-La the basics of using the tool and how the various functions could be applied to the client’s business specifically. A unique training was held for each hub to help the teams to understand workflows, customization and application to their specific business model.


Koch Comm’s ability to anticipate future segmentation needs based on the available data and previous experience building large-scale segmented workflows and campaigns for similar operations led to the following results:

  • The HubSpot CRM and all three hubs (Sales, Service and Marketing) were successfully adopted across all business lines in less than 90 days.
  • Additionally, twenty-three (23) custom contact properties were successfully identified and built-in HubSpot.
  • An API was built successfully connecting ResortSuite to HubSpot. This connection eliminated duplicate data entry and all contacts generated in ResortSuite are now auto-populated in HubSpot .
  • All customer records were integrated seamlessly into HubSpot. Seven (7) active lists were created to support future segmented marketing efforts. List rules were established based on business rules and intended list use.
  • Koch Comm improved the integrity of the client’s data by identifying duplicated records and missing data points. We also provided recommendations for standard operating procedures to influence future records creation.

As a result of this CRM implementation and the integration with ResortSuite, Shangri-La now has the ability to build targeted campaigns with customized messaging allowing them to engage with their guests in a way that was not possible before.  The resort can now provide special offers and information relevant to their guests’ interests and needs. That means they can help their golfers work on their golf swing and send special pampering packages to their spa-goers – they can even send a special spa and golf package to guests that enjoy engaging in both activities.