Vetted by our core values, each individual creator is an expert in his or her own right. Our team thrives on creative brainstorming and strategy sessions, which inevitably result in ideas of sheer genius.

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Koch Communications is driven by team success, not individual success. Our employees guide a project from concept to completion, and we keep each other focused on building results for our clients. With a strong work ethic, we take ownership of our clients’ projects as if they were our own.


Many people don’t like change. It’s part of human nature to desire stability and rely on routine. We work in an industry that continuously changes, and the adaptability of our team determines how we respond to change when it happens.


We’re in the communication business, so you know it had to be on this list somewhere. At Koch Comm, we foster an environment where we can debate ideas, regardless of our position or tenure. Everyone here has a voice, and we believe this kind of open communication creates connections with others, improves teamwork, builds trust and aids in decision-making and problem-solving.


The competition for the public’s attention is fierce and technology changes the way we communicate every day. Because of that, innovation is vital to successful public relations and digital marketing. Connecting with others who are eager to explore the newest avenues to reach an audience and are excited to try a new tactic to communicate a client’s message is vital to our success.


All of the Koch Comm values are connected, but passion is what animates and gives them meaning. We want passionate employees that approach their job with enthusiasm and the desire to learn and grow.


How many times have you worked with that one person who elevates the team and infuses it with energy? That’s the kind of person each of us at Koch Comm strives to be. Positivity in any situation opens the lines of communication and provides fertile ground for creativity and innovation.


A day doesn’t go by that there isn’t some small problem that needs a solution. It’s the nature of our business, and the good news is that problem solving runs in our DNA. Koch Comm was built on solving problems for clients, and even when we can’t solve the problem within the walls of Koch Comm, we look for ways to help through research and connecting with people who can help.


Success at Koch Comm rides on everyone’s ability to lead, manage and get along with colleagues. This makes self-awareness an incredibly important value to possess. Self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of our own character, feelings, motives, desires, strengths and weaknesses. It’s vital to understand our importance to the team and the ways in which we can grow professionally and personally.


There’s no stepping on others to climb the corporate ladder at Koch Comm. It is only when everyone is out for the good of the team and not the individual that we’re at our best.


Technical excellence goes beyond the proficient use of the tools and principles of our trade. While our capabilities and skillsets are important, there’s more to technical excellence than the ability to use a software program, promote a post or write a news release.


When we are Koch Smart, we embody all of the Koch Comm values and possess a thorough understanding of the strategic, integrated services we provide. This differentiates us from our competition. We execute PR, media relations, social media and digital media and integrate these services into a client’s traditional marketing efforts to amplify their message.


Koch Communications always seeks unique talent. If you have something to offer, we want to hear from you.

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