Tracie Lowmiller

Account Executive, PR

Tracie wants her super power to be the ability to instantly make people smile. She believes that with so much hurt and pain in the world, we could all use a reason to smile more often. Now, we don’t know about super powers, but Tracie’s bubbly personality definitely puts a smile on our face.

Tracie started her career at a mid-size holding company where she specialized in SEO, social media and content management before making the jump to financial services marketing. While working in financial services, she did everything from graphic design to press releases, and even had the opportunity to participate in a rebranding and full website redesign. From there, Tracie returned to her alma mater (Oklahoma State) and worked in database analysis, content/web management, event planning and targeting. Her desire to grow and learn more eventually lead Tracie to Koch Comm.

Tracie’s dream is to one day visit Italy. She says that aside from the amazing historical and religious sites, she’s heard they have great pasta and wine.

Additional Info/Stats

Junior League of Norman

American Diabetes Association Volunteer

Autism Speaks Volunteer