Marek Cornett

Social Media Strategist and Account Executive, Digital

The number one item on Marek’s bucket list is to become a Master Gardener, and she must have a green thumb because she’s done an amazing job cultivating the social media knowledge base at Koch Comm.

Marek began her professional life in the nonprofit world. The great thing for us is that she figured out how much she enjoyed social media. At the time, it was something she enjoyed in her free time, but then she made the decision to allow her passion to lead her to a career. Marek began at Koch Comm as a Community Manager, and has moved through several positions since. The one key component she has carried across each of her positions is her passion for social media and her drive to stay at the forefront of the industry.

When she’s not at Koch Comm, Marek can be found cultivating friends and doing her best to add to the culture of Oklahoma City.


Additional info/stats

BA in Finance

Masters in Public Administration

University of Oklahoma

deadCENTER Film Festival Advisory Board


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