Cara Gray

Marketing Analytics Manager

When we asked Cara what super power she wishes she had, she said she would like to be able to clean a room with the snap of her fingers. She said she doesn’t like chores but highly values tidiness. It’s not a stretch to see how someone who likes tidiness would also love analytics.

Cara’s career started with a full service ad agency in Houston, Texas, where she was a project manager. She worked on the agency’s largest client, Waste Management, and oversaw execution for all brand and sponsorship materials as well as their construction, food and restaurant and public business sectors. From there, Cara moved to a digital agency to manage work for clients like Hewlett-Packard, Molina Healthcare, GE Capital and several non-profits. She fell in love with digital strategy and analytics, which eventually led her to oversee the digital marketing analytics department at NRG/Reliant Energy. Cara moved to Oklahoma, and most recently she was the Director of Marketing for Visit Stillwater.

Cara likes to keep art supplies and Sudoku puzzles within reach to keep her on her toes and get her thoughts moving if she hits a slump.

Additional Info/Stats

BS Advertising, Minors in Marketing and Psychology

Oklahoma State University

Stillwater Junior Service League